For the past few weeks I have been trialling a well established brand that provides skincare and makeup called Arbonne. A lot of people may have not heard of Arbonne as it isn't sold on the highstreet with your main brands, so because not many people know about Arbonne I'll fill you in.

Arbonne is a multi level marketing company that manufactures products for beauty and health, distributed through direct sales and independent Arbonne reps. Arbonne skin care products include RE9, Intelligence, Genius Ultra, FC5, Clear Future and Calm. They also distribute a variety of make up products.  Launched in 1975, Arbonne has been creating beauty products that are committed to being as safe as they are effective, and formulated with the safest, natural based ingredients available. The Arbonne commitment goes beyond just skin care with every aspect of the brand dedicated to sustainability and their common phrase 'why feed your skin something you wouldnt feed your digestive system.'

One of the products I trialled was the 

'Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15 Sunscreen'

The website states;

"Multitasking liquid foundation with skin-firming properties helps lift the appearance of facial contours, smooth and even skin tone, while providing sun protection."

When I covered my face with this foundation the first thing that came to my mind was the creamy texture that came with it, it spread evenly across my face and covered the red areas on my face. acne and discolouration is something i suffer with on my face and it commonly prevents me from wearing makeup due to the pain it causes my skin. I found that this foundation calmed my skin whilst wearing it. the only downfall I found with this foundation was that it was a shade too light, which isn't an issue at all as when bronzer is added on top it evened out nicely.

The next product I tried that I loved was the 

Arbonne Mattifying Powder

I loved loved loved this product!

The website states;"This oil-absorbing powder helps minimize shine while concealing skin redness for a perfect matte finish. takes away unwanted shine, while reducing the appearance of redness for a perfect, matte finish. Dusts on lightly over or under moisturizer or makeup." 

This product really did it for me on so many levels. The size of the product was just right as it is a small compact that you can take anywhere with you when you need to blot any excess oil on your face. It works on a bare face or ontop of a full face to mattify your skin to just the way you want it.

I tried a few other amazing products that if you want to know more about feel free to let me know. if you want to get your hands on some amazing Arbonne products contact Annie from the contact details below to have a look into becoming a rep or just simply wanting to buy some products.


Annie Goulding- Arbonne Rep


mobile- 07766660900





Filorga Skin Care

Filorga is a new skin care company based in France that prides themselves on being the new laboratory of aesthetc medicine founded in 1978. At the minute they have a limited amout of products but are gradually building up their stock week by week with new ideas and creations.

The amazing team at the U.K branch sent me a care package of 4 of their products totalling up to £130 and I wanted to rate them from best to worst.


In 4th place is the 'UV Bronze Mist.' Their description of the product is; 'Our UV Bronze Mist is a comprehensive, anti-aging treatment to sheild against sun damage while enhancing natural tan.'

They continue; 'The invisible formula veils a refreshing burst of Hyaluronic Acid and Glacier Water to tone and hydrate.'

The reason it was in 4th place for me was beacuse it didnt give me the gradual tan I was hoping for in last weeks heat of 31 degrees. I felt like it was very lightweight which was brilliant but could've had a bit more gradual tan elements in it becuse it wasn't a high SPF.


In 3rd place for me was the 'Sleep and Peel Mask' The website states 'A velvety night cream enriched with a cocktail of 6 hydroxy acids for a perfectly safe peeling effect and action on discoloured patches and imperfections.'

I applied the cream each night after cleansing my face and I found that it had a distinctive perfume smell to it which I personally don't like. I found that in the morning my face wasn't feelng hydrated it was very greasy which is a big turn off so i wasnt in love with that product aspect but if you have dry skin it would be great.


In 2nd place for me is the 'Nutri-Filler Lips' lip plumping gloss. The website states 'An ultra nourishing balm-oil to comfort and plump dry lips and give natural brightness. It is an innovative multi-active product to deliver three key features;

-nourishing and repairing

-plumping and soothing

-revitalising radiance

I loved this product! I found it wasn't too thick and heavy to wear and gave an all round glossy look which could be used during the daytime and night time. The only downside to the product was that I found it wasn't as nourishing as I hoped but overall I thought it was fantastic!


FINALLY!! 1st place is the 'Filorga Foam Clenser' I absolutely adored this product becuse it does exactly as the website states.

'Gently cleansing the skin, this product leaves your skin perfectly clean, smooth and ready for your moisturiser.'

I really cannot fault this product as it ticks all of the boxes for me personally. I want a cleanser that doesnt make my face feel greasy and dirty after washing and this product is the bomb.

Just because some products didn't work fully for me, it does not mean that they won't for you so make sure you try out some products from their range.

Ovarall rate- 7/10

social media- @filorga_official


Diamond Whites Oil Pulling Liquid

Stained teeth. One of the biggest grudges ever. I have tried all methods of teeth whitening without the large cost; Colgate, Oral B, BrightSmile, and now I can add Diamond white to that list.

Diamod whites struck me as a new cool brand helping to get the pearly whites everyone wants, so I went on to their website to see what they had to offer.

They had a range of toothpaste, activated charcole, home whitening kit and a black oil solution. 

Black oil? I know I thought the same thing! I was so interested in knowing more about it I ordered myself a bottle.

The  website states;

"This blend is made with Organic Coconut Oil and Pepper Mint Essential Oil. We also add 1g/100ml of Activated Charcoal from coconut shell to make it mild abrasive therefore gently whitening."


They say postage in the U.K. takes around 2-5 working days, I received mine in 8, which I feel like if this is a frequent blip then they need to change their postage estimations.

The package came in a plain brown box and had the product inside. Immediately I was taken back by the size of the product, the website does state 100ml but when you put that into proportion with how much you have to use each day, I was sceptical.

I brushed my teeth thoughrally before using my Diamond Whites and I took the recommended amount of half a mouthful and started swirling. It was a thick, skinny solution and didn't taste amazing, but none really do. After taking the recommended amount I realised that over quarter of the bottle had gone... it was going to last me 4 days at the most.

They say swirl for 10-20 minutes with big swirling motions inside your mouth. I did the full 20 minutes because I wanted to see if there had been any difference. Safe to say there was none.

I know, you can't judge it by its first use, so I used up that bottle an bought another so I got about 2 weeks use. In that two weeks my teeth didn't change shade in the slightest which I was disappointed about.

Personally I think that if you used this product along with their paste and charcole you would most likely see a bigger effect. But for people on a money saving budget I wouldn't spend £10 a week on this product. 

I will try some of their other products because I don't want to do an opinion on the whole brand by only trying one product,  so I can't wait to try some more and prove myself wrong. 

Rating- 4/10


Regan x


Skinny Coffee Club ☕️

Recently I received an email from the PR at @skinnycoffeeclub asking if I'dlike to work with them on promoting their new 28 day program. Of course I was delighted at the offer but I was intrigued to look more into it as I had never heard of this company before so I did some research.

Their website states;

"Our coffee is made using the highest quality of organic, vegan friendly ingredients. There are no hidden toxic chemicals either!"

"Our famous fat burning coffee is an innovation in weight loss and helping women feel their best."

Looking more into it I loved the sound of it so I emailed back saying I'd love to work alongside with them! My package arrived 3 days later.

Price- £35.99

The 28 day pack was beautifully packed in a brown envelope type bag with their polkadot and pink logo. It had a resealable top so you can use each day without getting bacteria inside the bag which I thought was a great idea!

I must admit I'm not a massive fan of coffee and haven't really had it much before so I was shocked when I tried my first cup on the first morning and it tasted great!  Sounds weird to say but it doesn't really taste like a strong coffee, the smell wasn't too overpowering and wasn't a heavy drink. 

It honestly does what the website states, I have felt less bloated and have had less food cravings in the two weeks I have been using it. I would only say that it doesn't work to its full potential when on your menstrual cycle which is expected.

Overall in the two weeks I have been using it the product has really helped with my bloating situation and has helped me lose a respectable 4lbs. It isn't a dramatic weight loss but considering I haven't been at the gym as much I think it is a respectable amount.

I would definitely recommend!!

Rating- 7/10

Regan x